The Importance of Employee Selection

employeesA business organization is complex machinery with many moving parts. A crucial one is not made of glass or concrete, but flesh and bones. Employees are a heart and soul of every company, and without them, dynamic growth and business expansion are dreams built on fragile foundations. Knowing who the best addition to the team is may determine the future of the company. Candidate resumes are a no-brainer, however, in today’s market, they might not be the best solution to gain insights into candidates. Therefore, business owners and managers must set up broader hiring strategies that involve a wide array of factors.

A million dollar question

Asking the right questions is paramount to selecting quality employees. This is not something you want to leave to the spur-of-the-moment decisions. So, explain the job in detail, as well as all the obligations associated with it. This is to say that job analysis is the perquisite to attracting and welcoming the right people on board. Only that way, an employer can write the informative job description.  The next step is to call a recruitment planning meeting and ensure that everyone is on the same page.  

Now, skills and experience can be acquired, but this is not true for personalities. For example, the kind of social intelligence which allows you to navigate through difficult interpersonal situations is always a great advantage. The key is to pay attention to detail during the interview— the eye contact, body language, time it takes to answer questions, etc. Someone who is not willing to get off the high horse and be a true team player is probably not the best addition to the atmosphere within the company, no matter the expertise.

In a pole position

That being said, the type of desirable personality is dependent on the business values and the position that needs to be filled. If there is still a shadow of doubt looming over a candidate, bear in mind that a psychological assessments are a great way to reach a decision whether to hire or not. Furthermore, one can sometimes find out more about the individual from a Facebook profile than a jam-packed CV. Receiving a list of skills and recommendations is nothing compared to the hardship of predicting how well will the new employee fit in the collective.

puzzle fit

Background checks are increasingly popular and include the minimum of “googling” a candidate’s name.  The way someone behaves on social platforms and the content he/she posts reveal the things that would otherwise take a long conversation to figure out. Just avoid the mistake of judging the book by its cover and use background checks in synergy with other hiring tactics. Always review credentials and applications with caution, and strive to identify candidates that are the most qualified.

Investing time and money in these strategies pays off in terms of workers’ productivity, better employee relationship, and the workplace ambience. Businessmen with the solid hiring plan in place are able to witness sudden bursts of productivity, harness the power of forward thinking, and promote the empowering patterns of teamwork. The benefits spill over to many other areas, propelling the organization closer to accomplishing goals and arriving at the flourishing stage of growth.

All hands on deck

Workers are the glue that holds a company together, one that makes or breaks efforts to achieve dazzling business success. Tight resources or the climate of uncertainty are not an excuse for downplaying the importance of this. The candidate may look good on a paper (or a digital page), but unless you meet him face-to-face, there is no telling who are you dealing with. You do not want to end up in perilous waters by operating the ship with a skeleton crew of sailors that are more likely to go on a mutiny than roll up the sleeves.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.