What Makes Cloud Computing Great for Small Businesses?

Even though cloud computing seems to be an attractive idea even to some of the world’s biggest enterprises that are currently migrating to cloud, this is an option that can completely revolutionize the world of small businesses. How? Well, by giving them a chance to outperform their much bigger competitors. Here are five methods through which this will be possible in the future.

1.      Cost reduction

The first thing you need to know about small businesses is the fact that they usually struggle with cash flow, which is why they need to find more frugal business methods in order to stay competitive. First of all, cloud computing comes with a reduction in hardware cost. Instead of having to purchase in-house equipment, hardware needs are handled by your provider of cloud computing services. The cost of repairing or just replacing equipment is also passed onto to vendors. Together with purchase costs, you get to save space too, which allows you to get a lease on smaller office space. With that in mind, you get to save a substantial amount on your rent payments or take a different path and find space for more employees without having to relocate.

2.      Accessibility

Another benefit of getting cloud-hosted desktop devices for your business is the ability to access your files wherever you are. This is incredibly handy for digital nomadism but it also makes the inconvenience of having to return to the office to check something completely obsolete. Provided that you have access from home (which might not always be the case for security reasons), you could just remotely check what you have to check and do what you have to do. Other than this, such a method is great for scenarios in which you employ a large number of telecommuters that you have no room for on your premises.

3.      Improved cloud architecture

When comparing costs and performance, a lot of entrepreneurs tend to turn to the old-fashioned cloud architecture that involves dozens of devices with different functions. The funny thing is that even in that scenario, the cost-effectiveness might be on the side of the cloud computing option. With a modern enterprise cloud computing method, you get all of this done with just two devices: x86 server and switch. The simplest way to describe this method would be to call it minimalist cloud architecture with an emphasis on performance and ease of maintenance. This improved cloud architecture also makes the migration to cloud much simpler than it ever was.

4.      Cloud collaboration

The next thing worth keeping in mind is the so-called cloud collaboration. With it, you get improved organization, a higher level of participation and much more. One of the biggest advantages of cloud collaboration is the fact that you get much easier access to large files, which may be incredibly important for some projects. Sure, there is always the option of sharing via collaboration tools, yet, the result is never the same and the loss of time/effort can be quite staggering. The fact that all the updates are taking place in real-time means that you get much better brainstorming. Naturally, centralized communication, improved delegation of tasks and team organization are what makes all of this possible.

5.      Fewer worries

This part is similar to what we’ve discussed in the introduction due to the fact that you now no longer have so many things to worry about. The acquisition of new software and its eventual replacement is not just about the money that you’ll spend. It’s also one more chore on your list and a chore that you might not be knowledgeable/skilled enough to perform efficiently. Other than this, there’s the issue of space management that suddenly becomes much easier, as well as all the troubles related to software updates. Like with any other outsourcing, you get to put these tasks onto someone else’s to-do list and focus on administrative tasks instead.


As you see, it’s not just one boon or advantage but a plethora of ways in which your business benefits from cloud computing. To make the long story short, you get to save money, use a cutting-edge system, reach a level of pragmatism you never before believed possible and, above all, get a more impressive end result.

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