7 Things a Geek Without a Summer Plan can do at Home

pen idea bulb paperBefore we could even get accustomed to spring, summer is already here and dozens of our closest friends and acquaintances will soon scatter all over the world on various adventures. If you have something similar planned for this summer as well, great! If not, there is really no place for desperation since there are so many things you can do at home. So, here are 7 best things you can do at home this summer to make it completely unforgettable. (more…)

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Mighty No. 9: Better Than Megaman?

Megaman gameThe first Megaman game

I still remember the day that I played the very first Megaman game. The first Megaman game was created way back in 1987, and I’m still under a year old that time. Eight years later, my dad bought us a classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console with game cartridges. However, he only bought one and it’s a 100,000 in one game in just one game cartridge. (more…)

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