Five Renewable Energy Apps for Android Users

android-tabletWith the current state of our environment, it is literally a responsibility for all human beings everywhere in the world to be aware of climate and environmental issues, and, more importantly, take a firm stand on them. A big problem, however, is in terms of making a grass roots campaign to make everyone understand this issue. While there a lot of websites out there, chiefly, Energy Central, one of the best sites to go to, share, and understand energy-related issues, a lot of people would prefer having them on the go on the smartphones.


With that in mind, here are five great smartphone apps that you can download on your android tablet pc or smartphone:



Tomorrow’s Power

Tomorrows Power is a great reference tool which you can download and read anywhere – in the bus or in the subway, or while eating lunch. With seventeen in-depth chapters that covers topics from wind, water, solar, biodiesels and more, Tomorrows Power is a great read that will definitely be an eye-opening experience for everyone. Produced by Wolfgang Schmuck, Tomorrows Power is available for a one-time download fee of only $1.37. Definitely a must-buy, considering the amount of information it will give you in return.


Renewable Energy World

 Renewable Energy World (stylized as REWORLD), is a website that has its own mobile app. With this application, users can easily readandroid-apps breaking news, understand trends, and view graphs and charts that can better explain some topics. With so much current events posted on this website, you can freely save them and read articles even when you’re offline, and easily share the information to your family and friends via social media or through e-mail. This app is not only easy-to-use, it’s also 100% free.


Renewable Energy World Mag

Renewable Energy World Mag is the number one source of news for renewable energy. It delves into details from both the scientific understanding, to its implications to different sectors, such as the financial district and even the common man. It has not only the present issue, but also an archive of past ones. And the best thing is you can view the issue in magazine format as well, with professional lay-outs and glorious high-definition photos, perfect for viewing on your tablet covers.


Renewable Energy from Waste

Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) is a bi-monthly publication devoted to ground-breaking and trend-setting technologies in the realm of energy manipulation from waste materials and residues. Here, you can view and download their current issue as well as some back issues. The app is updated daily with new information, as well as provides options for monthly newsletters that summarize the trends of the previous month.


Renewable Energy

This app is an ebook created by Gerard Dion that clearly and comprehensively discusses green technology. He delves into its benefits and detriments and presents reasons as to how industrialization has been a clear cause on depletion of fossil fuels and and gives a clear case as to how renewable energy can best be utilized to save a dying world. Gerard Dion’s app is available for free to download for anyone.