Memory Game Apps on Your iPad: The Key To Better Memory

ipad memory gamesOur brain is like every other muscles in our body. You can also train and improve its performance through continuous exercise. You can easily achieve a sharp memory and sound mind just by playing various memory game apps made available in the market today.


Here are some of the memory game apps that you can play using your iPad:

*  Portrait Health Brain Teasers

If you are looking for a memory app that covers all your brain functions, then this is the best app that you can play with. The tests featured in Portrait Health Brain Teasers include memory, coordination, visual perception, critical thinking as well as word skills. In the event that iTunes have launched new updates regarding the game, you will be notified right away so that you can get to train your brain the best way possible.


*  Memory Boost

This memory game app is made available for both iPad and iPhone. This is not just a memory game. This app actually provides the user with how-to videos on how you can improve your memory with the use of the latest techniques there are. When you try this app, you will have access to about 8 videos which exhibits lessons that feature some amazing texhniques!


*  Memory Pro

This app is for the iPad. This game helps in improving your memory with the help of matching animal cards as well as animations. When you play this app, you can get to improve not only your short-term memory skills but your sensory skills as well.


*  Icue Memory

This memory app is designed to be played in an iPhone. This one is designed to test your ability when it comes to memorize not only numbers but letter sequences as well. When playing this game, it is best that you focus on both the letters and numbers so that you can get to pop the memory mice. The apps actually have 24 levels that you can play with.


*  CameraEye

This memory app can be played in an iPhone. With this game, you can get to memorize and learn about new things. This is done by improving not only your photographic memory but enhancing your reading speed as well. In this game, you can get to play about 26 different letters along with 10 different numbers. The game gets hard as each level passes.


*  Vismory

The app name is actually a shortcut for Visual Memory. In this game, there is a need for you to memorize color, shape as well as the position of 3d objects in the game. When you touch the correct case of the object, you get to move to the next level.


When you play these memory games on a daily basis, you can surely get to improve your brain performance as well as your brain recall.