New Generation Work Force

VOIPThe new generation workforce is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are ready to explore new areas of business and make optimum use of their skills to garner the best possible results out of their efforts. This warrants a modern company policy that offers the best possible work environment and infrastructure to this enthusiastic workforce. The new workforce is no more motivated by the sight of a bulky desktop PC as they have grown up with their smartphone and latest mobile devices. If you employ a youngster and show him to a desk with a desktop PC, he might actually burst out laughing. The use of smartphones, tablets, and own devices is gaining momentum. This is the reason why companies are adopting new technologies like Cloud Telephony that support both mobility and BYOD concepts.

Several companies have a distributed workforce and this is adding fuel to the idea of migrating to new technologies like cloud telephony. The employees do not want to be tied down by the geographical boundaries and they like to enjoy the freedom offered by the new technological advancements. Switching to cloud telephony is the perfect way of enabling your employees to enjoy more freedom at work. There are numerous instances of rise in efficiency and productivity by switching to cloud telephony and BYOD. The efficiency of your distributed workforce can be boosted by adopting cloud telecommunication system that augments mobility and helps your executives make the most of the latest business communication systems.

Business communication has witnessed a paradigm shift with the introduction of cloud telephony. This new communication technology has dissolved the geographical boundaries that existed with the traditional telephone systems. Companies are able to implement new product procurement and usage strategies that promote BYOD and mobility. The new generation workers can use their mobile devices to connect to the centralized communication system of the company. They can install and use the mobile applications on a device of their choice for performing their daily business tasks. The biggest beneficiaries of the new communication systems are the employees who work on the field. They are now able to share as well as avail real time data about their customers and other business parameters, thus enabling them to offer quick solutions to problems. Efficiency of the workforce is enhanced manifolds and the executives are in a better state to perform even more efficiently.
You cannot be left untouched by the wave of virtualization and mobility though it is quite early to say whether entire business processes can be carried out virtually or not. There is no way you can stonewall the demand of using cloud telephony, mobility and BYOD. The new generation workforce needs this and if you want to see them performing to their potential, adopting the new technologies is the most prudent decision.

A variety of endpoint devices can be connected with the cloud telephony system and this provides a big advantage to all the users connected to the same network. Irrespective of their location, your workforce will be able to attend to the problems of your customers and provide quick solutions. They will even be able to bring in new businesses by networking with customers and business heads from different companies. Using social network based feedbacks from customers, executives will be able to make changes to the businesses processes to provide efficient and effective solutions to customers.

The overall image of your company will receive a huge fillip with the induction of cloud telephony, mobility and BYOD. New generation workforce likes to provide as well as receive solutions on the move and your modern telecommunication infrastructure will go a long way in fulfilling this needs.


Author Bio
Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 20 years, and is excited with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She is trying to cram as much as she can on these technologies and is delighted to share that knowledge.