Candy Crush Level 130 strategy – clearing the complicated level easily

Candy Crush SagaWhile traveling in any kind of public transportation, you can see youngsters as well as adults engrossed in playing games on their smartphones. A recent survey brought out the fact that one of the most popular games that is played on smartphones as well as via Facebook is none other than the Candy Crush Saga. In the game levels have to be crossed successfully, which will keep on adding points in your kitty. Though the initial levels of the game are quite simple, the stages become complex and difficult as you keep on rising to the higher levels.

Target of Level 130 in Candy Crush Saga game

Level 130 is one of the most intriguing levels in the Candy Crush Saga game. You might have tried clearing the level innumerable times but have not been able to do so. This is the story of many other people playing the game at level 130. The target set in this level is to bring striped candies together for minimum 5 times. The numbers of moves allotted for this task is 40. Minimum of 20,000 points have to be accumulated at this level. If you are successful in getting the task done in lesser moves, you will have additional moves to score in more points. If you are able to do this in 2-3 tries, there is no doubt that you are a genius. It is quite a challenging task to beat level 130 Candy Crush Saga.

Deciding the right Candy Crush level 130 strategy

It is very important to decide on the right strategy for getting through level 130 in the Candy Crush Saga game. It is recommended to avoid making wrapped candies at this level as they do not add any value to the game at this point. There are chances that they might be detonated and can cause activation of the close by striped candies. The main aim is to create more and more numbers of striped candies and bring them together so that 2 of them can be brought together and swiped 5 times. Try and make these creations towards the bottom of the puzzle. This strategy can help in clearing the level without much difficulty.

Stuck on level 130? – Some useful advice to pass along Candy Crush level 130

It might happen that the strategy of just creating striped candies is not working in any way. In such situations, you have to think about the same in a different manner. At this level, many experts opine that making a color bomb is not a good thing to do. However, when no other strategies work, using the color bomb is the last option left. Using the option will help in removing a particular color from the board. This will help in improving the chances of finding matches for the striped candies easily. Once the right matches are found, you can clear the game level easily. It is quite interesting to note that there are times when no strategies and game plans seem to work. You might be able to cross the level by playing with your own instincts and skills.