The latest laptops with hybrid features

laptopHP Envy x2

Price                       : $1088
Operating system: Windows 8
Processor               : Intel Atom z2760
Memory                 : 2GB
Hard drive              : 64GB

Although having a good value, the HP Envy x2 is unlikely inspiring the feelings of covetousness that it suggests. As a laptop, the keypad is spaced much comfortably. The format of widescreen works very well for watching films on the tablet but finding the 11.6in width unwieldy. It is so heavy that lot of the device’s guts are kept inside the tablet, not the keyboard.

It has also an impressive battery life for 14-hour (10 hours for the tablet). If the touchscreen in the laptop mode is used confused it and users have to re-dock the tablet for making it work. It is also found that the docked screen to be at a straining angle of neck. But there are nice touches, like the Windows icon. It lights up with vibrating when users touch it, returning user to the home screen.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Price                       : $1,699
Operating system: Windows 8
Processor               : Intel Core i7 3537U 2.0GHz
Memory                 : 4 GB

Hard drive              : 256GB

This looks like a ThinkPad at first glance than any nifty hybrid laptops but Lenovo‘s latest hybrid transforms from laptop to tablet by flipping the screen of the laptop all the way around so it sits underneath of the keyboard. Firstly, makes it feel like an unnatural but user quickly adjust to the set-up of quirky to the new IdeaPad Yoga 13.

It is now an offer at $1,699, which is (to some extent) enough good value when user considers this product that has 128GB of memory, a 1.9GHz processor and RAM is 4 GB. In the real world it doesn’t make feel as quick as user would hope, though slowing at the times with multiple application and running of windows.