Top Technology Trends of 2013

TechnologyThe strategic technology is an existing technology that is able to suite with most of the users. This technology is able to offer an opportunity for the advantage of strategic business. This technology impacts the organization’s programmers, long term plans as well as initiatives.


Top 3 Strategic Technology Trends of 2013

Following are the best strategic technologies of 2013:

  • HTML 5 and Mobile PC Application: The market for the application tools to create applications for the consumers as well as enterprise is complex with more than 100 tools vendors. For the next few years, six mobile PC architectures will remain popular – Special, Native, HTML 5, Hybrid, No Client and Message.
  • Personal Cloud: Personal cloud will replace the personal computer. The user will use personal cloud as an always available and portable place to fulfill their digital needs. Personal cloud will be the home of their communication and computing activities.
  • In Memory Computing (IMC): IMC will come with the transformational opportunities. It will reduce the data processing time and will make the computer much faster to execute any result. Vendors will start to use in memory based solutions.



Above are the top technology trends of 2013 that will become more popular gradually.


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