5 Best DropBox Alternatives

dropbox cloudUSB drives are outdated, not to mention the remains of CD/DVD technology. Cloud is the future of digital storage and, today, everyone knows this. Speaking about file hosting services, California-based DropBox serves as the flagship of the industry. However, although most popular, it is far from being the only such platform out there. With this in mind, if you ever find yourself in desperate need of a cloud storage service other than DropBox, here are five completely adequate alternatives. (more…)

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Choosing a Connection Type for your Small Business

network cable yellowNowadays, choosing the internet connection type truly is one of the most important factor you need to account for when running a small business of any kind. Being offline is like being in the dark for most types of business out there, from retail to utility.
The fact is that 78% of U.S. residents have a social media profile. An even more impressive stat is that U.S. ecommerce sales in 2015 have reached 1.5 trillion dollars. Both of these statistics only support the claim that having an online presence of any kind is an imperative in 2016 and beyond. (more…)

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Freelancer’s Guide: How to Improve Your Online Presence

Social Media Coffee TabletIn terms of marketing, people usually refer to promoting, selling and/or distributing a product or service. When it comes to freelance marketing, however, things are a tad different. Well, not really that different, as quite specific. When you are looking to improve your online presence as a freelancer, you are looking at the same level of promotion, sales and distribution, the only difference being: you are looking to do this inwards. In layman’s terms, you’re promoting and selling your own self on the market. This is why it is vital that every freelancer obtains at least the basic marketing knowledge. (more…)

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Protecting Your Big Data Domain

data securityThere are two types of entrepreneurs, those who view piling data as a burden, and those who view it as great pool of knowledge – which can be used for determining patterns that will increase their company’s productivity and profitability. All companies run by entrepreneurs from the first group end up on the long list consisted of more than 90% of businesses that shut down during first phases of their development. Entrepreneurs from the second group on the other hand have much better chances to succeed.

Unfortunately entrepreneurs are not the only people who realize the importance of big data. Cyber-criminals also realize how many useful information is hidden behind peta- and zettabytes of data, which is why we witnessed several big data breaches in recent few years. (more…)

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Killer Content for Killer Landing Page

laptop-593673_1280It would be safe to assume, that the way you optimize your landing page can make or break your success. With this in mind, you need to do absolutely everything right about it. Even though there are many elements to a good landing page, when it comes to it, quality content is an absolute paramount. Because of this, in order to make a killer landing page, what you need is a killer content and here are few tips and tricks on how to make this happen. (more…)

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5 Reasons for Changing Your Website Domain

www signWith so much competition on the market there are only subtle differences between competitors. Online marketing is the most important factor in putting yourself ahead of the competition, and your website is your single greatest asset. It is also a big part of your name and the way you attract clients. Now, with generic top-level domains(gTLDs) you will be able to improve the way you are perceived, and these five reasons will show you why. (more…)

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Using WordPress to Your Business Advantage

Let’s face it. If you are a businessman, it is highly unlikely that you will not have the need or the obligation to use the Internet. The ever-present world wide web gives such a vast sea of opportunities, that even if we could name them all, it would take us several weeks to do so. Instead, we will focus on what are the benefits of using a WordPress as a platform to run your businesses site on.


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Boot camp by Pentagon for cyber warriors

sad at computerIntroduction

As part of the U.S Navy Corry Station based in Pensacola, Florida is a school which normally wouldn’t look out of the ordinary but this one in particular is one which is wreathed in barbed wire and has its windows bricked up. This has been done so to prevent any electronic signals from either getting in or going out. This is because this specific building is the Center for Information Dominance which is the Pentagon’s boot camp for training personnel in cyber war. (more…)

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