5 Reasons for Changing Your Website Domain

www signWith so much competition on the market there are only subtle differences between competitors. Online marketing is the most important factor in putting yourself ahead of the competition, and your website is your single greatest asset. It is also a big part of your name and the way you attract clients. Now, with generic top-level domains(gTLDs) you will be able to improve the way you are perceived, and these five reasons will show you why.


Finding the right title for your website was no easy task. Since there was a finite set of web domains (.com, .org, .net), most simple, effective and to the point names were taken. For example, since yourname.com was certainly taken, making alterations was the next step. There were a couple of possibilities. One was making alterations to the name by adding unnecessary letters like yourrname.com. Opting for a longer, explanatory version might have succeeded, but that was never really easy to remember. And even then somebody had already taken it. With gTLDs virtually everyone has a great opportunity for the best website name on the market. Countless options immerge, as you can use related key words (yourname.tech, yourname.art, yourname.law) or remain generic, but with greater possibility (your.name, yourname.online, yourname.site). With the choice expanded, it is all down to creativity.


A name defines you, and it is your brand. And now that brand can reach its full potential. By having the ability to create your own web domain, people will relate easier to you. Simplified and shorter URLs, with an added trait, will leave a better imprint on your online visitors. This can prove to be so useful, that it even provides great means to re-brand your entire operation. Focusing on the new, you will be able to efficiently promote yourself on the web. Without losing current clients, who will applaud your change, your novel brand will better attract new clients. Many successful companies have chosen this path. Barclays has transferred its dealings to home.barkleys, Mercedes chose to go with a .me domain, and many other successful companies.

logitech rebrand


By going for a gTLD you increase promotional opportunities and therefore promotional value on the market. This can be best observed in specific cases. Having a promotional campaign will get the word out about your company, and a specific web domain will serve the campaign. For example: a company will have a promotional discount campaign on Fridays, with a potential “30% off on .casualfriday” slogan. And since you are the owner of your particular web domain you will be able to re-arrange and better promote all your products and services on microsites.


If you and your company have a specific and local focus group and clientele, then this will only advance their experience. This can be done in a couple of ways. You might use geo-localizers in order to emphasize your locality. On the one hand you can let people know what your base of operations is by using .nyc, .dublin, .madrid. A great example is when the Eiffel Tower changed their official website form www.tour-eiffel.com to toureiffel.paris. This is also useful if you do business only in a particular city or region. Another ample way some companies used this method in order to improve clients’ trust was to change the lettering all together. So, a US company which has a base in China might choose to change their websites name and domain into Chinese lettering in order to comply with cultural diversity and attract reluctant clients.


Google has been affirmative and supportive of the change, even owning several domain extensions. So there is no worry that this change will affect search rankings. Moreover, this will improve them by providing extra credibility to your website. With a domain that serves your company, your website will also become the source page for all relevant information regarding your particular brand. This means that you will obtain more traffic than ever, since your domain might contain a keyword and relevancy forcing the search engine to put you on top.

By changing your site’s domain extension you will become relevant and recognizable on the market. And with so much competition, this could impact your role on the market permanently.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.