Why Video Conferencing Better Than Web Conferencing for Businesses

The choice between the two popular conferencing solutions (Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing) often leads to a lot of confusion and dilemma. Organizations looking for an efficient communication and collaboration tool, find it extremely challenging to choose the most appropriate solution. In this post, we are going to understand these two conferencing solutions and try to arrive at a decision as to which is the best for an organization.

Photo Credit: http://www.vvnnetworks.com/
Photo Credit: http://www.vvnnetworks.com/

Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing: Are They The Same?

Well, contrary to what many people think, web conferencing and video conferencing are completely different. They use two different technologies for communication and collaboration. If you are looking for a conferencing solution that would make communication and collaboration during your business meeting more effective then you will need to compare the features offered by each of the conferencing solutions.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing was initially used as an add-on to voice calls that helped the participants to share presentations and images. Later, video too became a part of this but the web conferencing solution serves the purpose of one way communication better. For instance, if you are conducting a web conference where you will be the speaker and others would just listen, then it is the ideal solution. You will be able to share videos, presentations and images with all the participants who in turn would be able to communicate via audio only.

Video Conferencing

However, when you are conducting a business meeting where all the participants want to share presentations, images and data then you must opt for a video conferencing solution. The video conferencing solution makes it extremely easy to conduct an online meeting wherein every participant will be able to see the others and even collaborate and share presentation or data. Each of the participants in a video conference will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other. Video conferences can be in the form of direct calls, instant meeting and even scheduled conferences. The participants will be able to attend the conference using any device of their choice and even configure it in a language they prefer.

Huddle rooms and conference rooms can be easily set up using the video systems that would be able to connect to the conference rooms and remote users on tablets, smartphones and laptops. Screen sharing feature of video conferencing solutions makes them the natural choice of businesses that conduct meetings with users located at various offices in the country or overseas.

Now, if your meetings are extremely important and collaboration an imperative thing then you should always opt for the video conferencing solution as it offers high audio quality and high-definition image. Web conferencing suits the meetings where the speech of a single speaker is broadcast to a larger audience. Video conferencing is the solution if you prefer high quality audio and video.


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