The Expense of Data Rapture

cloud servicesLeading IT companies are trying to put in place an infrastructure to support their mobile workforce and a range of complex connected devices. On the other hand, they are also trying to meet the compliance challenges. Data recovery and protection has higher priorityas cybercrime is on the rise. The expense of data rapture is increasing because of the new set of data protection regulations. IT companies are looking at cloud backup as an effective way to secure and recover data.

Earlier cybercrimes or hacking was limited to financial data. However, nowadays even medical or Protected Health Information (PHI) is being hacked. Incidences of data breaches across industries have become rampant. Companies are paying the penalty of loopholes in data security. Data recovery can be pretty challenging and often the best way forward is to cancel the records.

But what do you do if it’s not just your credit card information and the health information of your family member is at stake?

Protected Health Information

Protected Health Information or PHI is recently the most coveted information in the black market. Cybercriminals are making hay by selling these sensitive data. They find it easier to hack into the unsecured servers maintained locally by health service providers. Patients and customers are suing these health companies for data rapture. Hefty penalties are being imposed on the healthcare providers.

The situation is grim but has not yet spun out of control. New and improved data security measures are being adopted by companies. Individuals who end up losing their personal data or become victims of cybercrime can file class action suits against the organizations.

Cases of data rupture expose

Cases of data rupture expose the glaring loopholes in data security policy of organizations. We can see that human errors can have far reaching consequences. If the theft of laptop or other security breaches are reported on time (only if the company has an efficient procedure in place) then the following steps will minimize the losses:

  • Remotely freezing the device
  • Delete data remotely
  • Data recovery from the device
  • Use geolocation to track the device
  • Running reports to ensure compliance

Simple steps to prevent data breach

The expense of data rupture is huge and it is not very wise to keep paying up when data security loopholes can be plugged quite easily. Here we are going to take a look at some of the simple steps to prevent data breach without spending a fortune.

  • Encrypt all the data stored on laptops, tablets and smartphones. This will automatically make it difficult for the hackers to break in and steal the data.
  • Go for a data security and management application that will facilitate connection with the devices irrespective of your location.
  • It is important to create encryption report so as to produce it as evidence in court of all the security measures that were in place.
  • Check whether your security application allows you to remotely access the devices and carry out simple actions like deleting data, data recovery, device freeze etc.
  • It is important to learn from other company’s experience. Try to find out about data rapture incidents that had occurred in your state or country. This will provide a fair idea about the threats one can expect. It will also help you to build a waterproof case against hackers in case of any data theft.


Companies that don’t wish to spend thousands of dollars fighting lawsuits or compensating victims of data rupture need to take data security seriously. Policies need to be framed for data recovery, cloud backup and other related issues.