Samsung Note 5 versus iPhone 6 Plus: Which Is Better?

Once again, the two giants of the telecommunications devices have introduced us to their latest innovations. Samsung brought forth its latest baby, the new Samsung Note 5 while Apple gave us iPhone 6 Plus. Both claims that their gadget is the best there is today. But as we are not all sons and daughters of tycoons, we have the privilege to choose which one would be better for us.

To help you decide, we give you a comparison between the two beautiful beasts of a gadget.


Basically, the Note 5 is substantially lighter than iPhone 6 Plus. But surprisingly, iPhone is the bigger phone. The iPhone 6s Plus measures 3 percent taller and also 3 percent wider than the Galaxy Note 5. That may be because looks can be deceiving. Anyway, the iPhone is a little thinner than its Samsung versus iphone


Gizmag says that Note 5 is just like Samsung’s other 2015 phones, all with Gorilla Glass 4 back. Meanwhile, on the unibody iPhone, there’s no separation between its aluminum back and aluminum frame.


As already mentioned earlier, Note 5 has a slightly bigger screen than it’s iPhone rival. And yet iPhone fights back by giving an awesome display even without breaking any pixel density records. Still, Note 5’s display is a whole lot sharper than iPhone. However, iPhone has a 3D Touch Sense, while Samsung’s baby has none. On the other hand, iPhone has no stylus, unlike Samsung.


Samsung Note 5 definitely has way better camera. Although pictures taking using iPhone is also more than okay, but Note 5’s pictures are really good. Note 5 boasts 16MP for the back camera, and 5MP for the front cam. Iphone only has 12MP for the back CAM.


We don’t know for sure how long iPhone 6s’ battery runs out because there has been no word as of yet. But Note 5 can be charged through wireless charging. Moreover, Samsung Note 5 boasts of a fast charging support.