How to install gaming apps for your android phone

bad-androids-skate-02With the advent of Smartphones in market the world of mobile phones is changed completely now every Smartphones is considered worthless if you do not have Wi-Fi or internet connection. With the help of internet on android phone users can download numerous apps to their mobile. These apps are very useful, funny, entertaining and a good source of pass time. There are hundreds of apps for android phones for different purposes like for funny apps, weather forecasting apps, currency converter apps, games apps, great Blackjack Online gaming apps etc. All the android apps available on Google play are free of cost some of the apps available on other browsers are paid. 

There are three obvious of downloading and installing gaming apps to your android phone.

The first way of install apps from Google play store. Second way is to install apps and games to your phone from your browser of choice. Install gaming apps from your computer


Steps to download gaming apps from browser of your choice

On your cell phone just be sure you have a data connection to enable you to access the online world through the phone. You need to use a Cell data network or Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

Then press the Play Store icon on your android phone. You can select the gaming apps of your choice and that will install on your android phone. After completion of installation of game apps the icon will display in the menu list of your phone. Android phone supports sideloading, so that you can certainly install software from beyond Google play store.

To install sideloading, open your Settings app on your own Android, affect the Safety measures category, and also enable your Unknown options check box. Enable the settings of sideloading after that you can easily install and play great Blackjack Online game on your android phone easily. Whenever you install the apps outside from Google Play make sure that the gaming apps you want to install should be virus free.


Steps to download gaming apps from Google play

Make sure that your phone should have internet connection or high speed Wi-Fi connection. Go to the Google Play Store in your browser or type URL: in browser. There you will find the list of games apps and from the given list select the apps you would like to install. You can click on the install button online to remotely install the app on your own phone or maybe tablet. If you aren’t logged in you should do so with your Google account information. Once you have told Search engines Play to setup the app, your phone or tablet will start downloading the actual app and install it for your android phone.


Steps to download gaming apps from your computer

If you do not have Wi-Fi connection or internet connection on mobile phone you can even install gaming apps from your personal computer. You have to download .AVK extension apps file on computer and you can transfer that file in your android phone with the help of USB cable or bluetooth and can install the setup in your phone and can play game of your choice