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Dull, lonesome offices only increase stress. Instead of leaving the walls empty, the desk lonely and everything around you just meaningless, do a little bit of redecorating and transform your office completely. There are a few tricks to bring it to the next level and put life into your workspace for better productivity.

Bring on the Colors

White walls do look professional and least distracting, but is that really what you want? If these make you feel depressed, find a new colour palette that will brighten up your mood. If you often work long hours, pick some shades of green for your office which will help you remain focused and calm. If you are required to be creative a lot at your job, then paint the office in yellow and stimulate your brain. Blue will encourage your productivity but keep you calm, and if there is plenty of physical work at the office, consider shades of red to get that blood pumping. Additionally, if you like or need the combination of several colours, you can always rely on creating an accent wall to keep you motivated while the background keeps you calm and concentrated.

A Desk Light

By the end of the never-ending day at work, your eyes will become strained and tired, and a little extra light on your desk will make a huge difference. Also, the desk light and its style will make the whole space feel more warm and homelike. That is why you should pick a lamp that suits your personality and makes you feel completely comfortable. Additionally, the type of the bulb and its shades matter too, and your best choice is a bright, soft lighting. However, if you don’t like the classic banker’s lamps, you can always add a fun note to your office and have a lamp that is oddly, modern or even geeky shaped.

Upgrade the Gadgets

If your job requires using a computer a lot, make sure that the systems are fully functional and that you have all the programs you need. Nothing should be outdated and you should keep the files organized. Leave the personal stuff at home, and dedicate this computer to work only. Also, have a TV. Not for your personal entertainment – use it to represent your company. Find the right size of the TV, have the team of professionals from Universal Home Theatre help you install it, and let the logo of your firm run around the screen all the time. Additionally, a big screen TV, working computer and projector will enable useful presentations when needed. Other gadgets and devices you find handy in the office are always welcome. Don’t put yourself in an awkward position because you lack the technology for doing your job right.

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Comfy Furniture

Even though it is an office, it shouldn’t look uptight and uncomfortable. Your health comes first. Invest in a quality desk and chairs that fit your body, support it, and have the necessary requirements for the job. You can opt for various modern shapes and materials that are rather minimalistic, but you can always make up the difference with bright colours. Also, paint your shelves in a bright colour that stands out. As soon as you have given them a makeover, you will notice how the whole room pivots around the bright shelves. Lastly, don’t forget about a comfy couch or armchairs for your clients and guests. Spend a bit more on the quality leather furniture and decorate it with a few colorful pillows. The material will exude professionalism and formality, while the cushions and pillows are there to tell people that you know how to relax, and wish your clients to be comfy and confident.

Fun Office Supplies

Why feel bored when working? As if the daily stress isn’t enough. To beat the boredom and stress, load up on fun office supplies that will make you laugh. Anything from funny folders that say “Useless Documents to Provide Appearance of Importance in Meetings” to pencils in various shapes and sizes is welcome, and should be encouraged to stay in the office. Also, if you want to confuse your coworkers, get a coffee spill coaster, place it under your mug and watch your colleagues stare in confusion or even try wiping it clean. Browse the web for fun supplies and introduce some positivity into each and every hard day at work.

Do some redecorating around the office and make each day feel less like work. If you feel welcome and comfortable at your workplace, you are guaranteed better productivity and less stress. So bring it on and make things better.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.