Best Gifts for Computer Geeks

topJust a few decades ago, when it first appeared, gaming was no more than a hobby. Today however, it is more of a lifestyle. In fact, it would be safe to assume that gamers today are a fully-fledged subculture with their own sets of values and preferences. They go as far as to include gaming into every aspect of their lives including their dressing code, interior design and their social life. For this reason alone, here are few gifts that are quite suitable for gamers.

Assassin’s Hoodie

assassin's hoodieThe notion of cosplay has an important role in the gaming community and what gamers like most (aside from playing their games) is dressing into video game characters.

However, this doesn’t mean that they like to dress this way only during conventions, but in their every day as well. For this reason, in the recent few years there was a great demand for Assassin’s Creed hoodies among the gamers. Needless to say, to any fan of this franchise, a gift like this will always be welcome.


Gamer’s lamp

Minecraft lampNow, as we already mentioned, gaming interior design is also becoming a thing. Still, for this to work in their home one needs to have a good gamer’s lamp. There are numerous choices here but (because of their peculiar and simple design) Tetris and Minecraft inspired nightstand lamps are a huge hit.

The attitude of any real gamer towards this is: why have a boring old lighting solution in your bedroom when you can replace it with a Minecraft ore block lamp.

Romantic card

If your significant other is a gamer and you are going for a frugal gift, there is no better gift to them than a videogame themed romantic card. There are so many funny and geeky romantic cards for you to choose from, but perhaps the most recognizable are those from classic video game names such as Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. In particular, in the last year or so, there has been a great demand for a Super Mario card that asks your significant other to be your player 2. Some even proposed this way.

Gift card

gift cardOne more card on the list, only this time not a romantic but a practical one. If you don’t trust yourself or your video game knowledge in picking the right gift, you can always get your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend a universal gift card of a certain value so that they can chose a gift on their own.

They say that it is the intention that counts the most and this kind of gift is the embodiment of the idea. In fact, this is the only way in which a gift receiver can get precisely what they always wanted and for you to still carry out your intention of showing your affection to them.

The best thing about buying a gift for a gamer is that you can never run out of options. Still, sometimes having too many options to choose from can be as restricting as not having enough. What you need to do is set your budget and start planning. There are many great gifts out there, but sometimes great is just not good enough. In any way, you are bound to bring that special gamer in your life something they are bound to cherish for years to come.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak

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