Apple Watch

Finally, Apple has set their release of the Apple Watch on the 24th of April, this year. This said, Apple aficionados rejoice as they wait for the launching of what promises to be the watch of the year. For some reasons this soon to be released gadget was previously called an iWatch, probably due to its connection to one of the bestselling item of the company which is the iPhone. Let’s just make this clear: it is not called an iWatch but an Apple Watch.

So what is up with this new gadget from Apple? It is mainly an iPhone-compatible smartwatch, only a lot of sleek and chic. Most Android smartwatch users would probably say that it is no different than what they are wearing, but Apple aficionados claim that it can do so much more than the usual smartwatch. Apple reviews say that it is probably the best smartwatch in the market. It sports an iOS 8.2 and is compatible with your iPhone. Plus it would please your inner nerd without compromising your fashion sense. In fact, it would make you look cool, if looking cool means wearing expensive stuff.

And the price for this little baby? The aluminum Sports edition starts at $349, while the stainless steel one starts at $549. Then there’s the gold watch edition, the price of which starts at $10,000 up to $17,000. For those Apple aficionados who can’t wait to have this “Apple gadget must-have”, unless you are a rich person who can afford anything, you might want to start saving up right now. There’s still time. Remember, these babies are limited edition, so only the early ones can get the prized Apple watches.