An Overview of WordPress’ Competition

wordpress laptopWordPress (WP) is a platform which stands out from the rest of the content management systems (CMSs). It is estimated that around one-fourth of internet content is managed via this solution, which is already enough to strike awe. The driving force behind this stellar success is certainly WP’s user-friendliness. You do not have to possess coding or web design skills in order to get the digital show on the road. Also, there is a myriad of available themes and plugins. So, is WP simply the best or are there other systems out there that are worth our while? (more…)

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WordPress migration to new hosting. Step by Step


Wordpress migrationYou might want to migrate your WordPress website to a new hosting for various reasons. However, the migration process does not mean only to copy the wordpress files. The old domain name is saved in the mySQL database on several places. The new website will simply not work properly. Images will not be visible, you might ne be even able to log in to wp-admin.

Let me explain the whole migration process step by step. I will include several screenshots so that you are sure how the step should be done and how the results should look like.


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