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Gizmos and gadget gifts for men

 Nothing is easier for anyone who wants to be philanthropic towards a man than buying a gift for them. This is because unlike women folk, the male species is not complicated at all and is extremely predictable. We all know how men hanker after the latest gadgets and gizmos and if you are careful, you will note that this is where there pleasures should be found; they will take anything that enhances their pleasure or even that which is practical in daily life. Anything that is new in the world of technology is simply a must have and what’s more, it doesn’t matter how common place it is, anything technological is addictive.

Some gadgets for men the drive them crazy will be things that you may consider common such as the latest android phones, game consoles, computers etc. You don’t want to assume that a man doesn’t have the particular item you are trying to buy; you need to get a way of checking out on him so that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself. The other alternative you have is to look in the direction of technical toys that these grown up boys will definitely appreciate. Here you are talking of things such as a palm sized guitar; this is a simple gizmo that lets your man so indulge his musical impulses through detection of his strumming using laser. It comes loaded with some pre-programmed songs as well as a free style mode.

If you want something else that is also practical you may want to think about purchasing an alcohol tester key holder. Your man will keep this nifty tech gadget in their key chain and they can use it to test that they have not exceeded the legal alcohol limit by breathing into it. And since men love to show off, this particular one also doubles up as torch so he won’t be worried when he gets caught up in some dark corner somewhere. If your man has a smart phone, you may want to get for him some underwater phone case; these are triple sealed rubber cases that can allow him to ho up to 10 meters deep into water. This is a perfect gift for a man who loves the pool or even snorkeling; the cases come with a neck strap so his phone can stay securely next to him when in public places.

If yours is a man who is always on the move and loves being on the road, you want to consider something such as a digi-frame key chain. This is a nice gadget that can be preloaded with pictures of his friends and family that he can keep watching wherever he goes. The only tricky category of men when it comes to buying gifts is those who are not so much into gadgets and gizmos. The good news is that if a census were taken, these men will be found to be in the minority.  Get to know the hobbies of such men and you will definitely be able to help them out. Good luck then as you try to get a gift for the men in your life.



About the author:

This article has been written by Mohit Jain who happens to be a self-confessed gadget and technology geek. He enjoys writing on new and trending gadgets that on the brink on becoming somewhat of a fad for men. He currently writes for Men’s Gear, a site that offers you reviews on top gadgets for So in case you are short on ideas on what are the trending gadgets of men’s interest then Men’s Gear  is where you can find answers.