Internet & Smartphones for your garage?

LiftMaster garage door securityThe modern technology has arrived to our homes and is still expanding. Almost every electronic device can be connected to the Internet. TVs, radios, lights and even your fridge.

Today, we will introduce how you can make your garage modern and geeky. 🙂 If you already have an electronic garage door opener, you can use MyQ Controller  to connect it to the Internet. MyQ technology will allow you to open your garage doors over the Internet or using your smartphone. You can check remotely if the door is closed or if the lights are off.

Especially if you own a more expnesive car, you may want to increase the safety of your garage. Modern security devices allow you to easily connect sensors and cameras with an universal controller able to connect to the Internet. If you leave your home for a longer time, it is very easy to check what is going on inside your home.

There are several famous brands for the garage doors such as LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain or others. It is usually a good idea to consider the same brand for all the devices. If you want to combine them, it is better to ask the sales rep to give you some advice. Do not hesitate to ask and demand details.

LiftMaster MyQ technologyWhat products can you buy to make your garage modern and safe? Consider, remote controllers, MyQ smartphone controllers and Internet gateway modules. First, decide what functionalities you need – sensors, door openers, lockers, cameras. If you buy a less expensive modul, something you wish to add later might be missing. Be sure, if the selected device is wireless or it needs a cable internet connection. Avoid surprises after the purchase.




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