How can you ensure employees stay connected with colleagues, customers & partners?

Employee engagement and retention is considered to be the second most important challenge after leadership that every corporate house has to overcome in order to succeed in the long run. Your organization needs to be a place where employee’s passion fuels the growth; hence, keeping the employees engaged and connected should be the primary goal of the top management. Globalization and technological advancement has somewhat made it easier for organizations to keep their employees connected and engaged even long after they leave the office or are travelling.

Passionate employees will love to be engaged with the different aspects of their organization and this will in turn keep both your partners and customers happy and satisfied. Employee retention has to be seen from a multi-dimensional viewpoint and communication among colleagues, customers and vendors forms a very important part of it. Thus, with the rise in globalization, emphasis needs to be put on supporting flexible work environments so as to retain as well as nurture talent. Technological collaboration is a must if you want to build a strong relationship among customers, colleagues and partners.


Establish an environment to foster effective communication

You will need to frame a communication policy to ensure that all your employees are able to stay in touch with each other and collaborate among themselves. The communication platforms need to be extended to the customers and partners as well. You must include collaboration tools to ensure smooth and effective communication. Video collaboration tools also need to be incorporated that would enable all employees, partners and customers to communication at any point in time on various devices. This will eventually help people within the organization remain engaged and build long-lasting relationships.


It is important to understand that a major part of an employee’s working time is spent communicating, so you will have to device strategies that facilitate round the clock communication. There are specific challenges that you are going to encounter while ensuring effective collaboration. However, with the latest developments in the field of telecommunication and internet technology, there is a wide range of tools which can make communication easier and effective.


What technologies or tools can help my company?

When we discuss communication technology, we obviously feel the need to use the latest one and discard the old systems like EPBX or PSTN. All these are passé and the latest trend is to use the latest VoIP tools and applications. The Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the technology that uses the internet instead of the PSTN telephone lines for making calls. This is the right technology that would help you to make optimum use of your existing IT infrastructure and build and effective communication system.


What does VoIP offer?

Well, VoIP has a lot to offer when it comes to communication as it goes far beyond making or receiving calls. VoIP offers numerous advanced telephony features like Video conferencing to smart phone integration through the latest Apps. Some of the leading communication companies around the world are offering their advanced VoIP services. It works on a model that suits businesses of all size. The best thing about VoIP is that it is extremely flexible when it comes to usage, features and pricing. For instance, you are able to choose a package that suits the communication needs of your company and then scale up or down according to the needs of your organization.


The use of VoIP technology and tools facilitates communication from at any point in time of the day and from any location around the world. Your mobile employees will be able to log in to the centralized communication system and communicate with their colleagues, company partners and customers. This imparts a feeling of ownership that helps in engaging the employees and retains them for a longer period of time.


Author: Michelle Patterson is an avid technology blogger and writes extensively about IP/VoIP and Unified Communication. She works with some leading companies to understand the trends of these modern communication technologies.

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