Why Do You Need Cloud-Based VoIP System?

Voice communication through phones is an integral part of any business. Your business can never run smoothly without a proactive phone service. It is quite old fashioned now to use an EPBX system being controlled by operators. VoIP is here and it is flying with the cloud. Cloud is the new age technology that promises of a better business computing and communication service. With a cloud based VoIP service, you save on infrastructure setup cost, maintenance cost for various devices required to run the service, resources you need to appoint to maintain a communication system manually. All these benefits make cloud VoIP a business-friendly technology.

Inexpensive and high availability

Cloud allows you to keep minimum numbers of hardware equipment at the office. Thus, you are saving on hardware cost. The VoIP service comes entirely from your cloud service provider. You are just accessing the service through VoIP enabled devices. Therefore, cloud imposes no extra cost for implementing an essential service like voice communication. In case, you use a standalone VoIP system, then you need to spend on procuring servers, routers and other network equipment. Cloud is everywhere. If you have a high speed data connection, you can access all your business applications including the VoIP service from anywhere you want. These futuristic features of the cloud make it a winner and its potentials are far reaching.


Easy implementationand maintenance

When you are hiring a cloud enabled service, you get it instantly without any significant implementation cost. A cloud VoIP service can be accessed via PC and smartphones. Employees can access the service through their phones and you do not even need to buy in-house telephone handsets. Thinking about the maintenance cost, with cloud at work, you have the least amount of maintenance cost attached with a new service such as VoIP. You do not need to host a separate server, routers and other networking equipment. Automatically, there are no maintenance costs involved. Cloud gives you everything as a service. When you are using VoIP through cloud, you are getting communication as a service. It is an essential part of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).


Top-notch security with maximum uptime

Securing your VoIP system is a challenging task. There are a lot of factors involved in tightening security for a VoIP communication system and only experts can do this correctly. Dedicate more time in your core business issues and leave other things to a superior cloud service provider. It is trusted, highly secured and you get the same security benefits as other business houses are receiving from the same service provider. You can read the privacy policy of such a cloud service provider to know the whole story. A cloud service is hosted in multiple physical servers in different locations. Therefore, you can expect maximum uptime for running your business without any communication disruption. A locally hosted VoIP server may require periodical maintenance or you may face accidental system crashes. With Cloud, this never happens and your confidential business information is kept safe and secured.


Single account and multiple numbers

A cloud VoIP service offers you to create multiple virtual contact numbers out of a single physical line. This comes beneficial to you as you want to allocate different contact numbers for all the departments of your company. This makes your customer service smooth running and they feel the transparency in your business operation. Customers can directly call the department they want for a specific query. It saves their time and yours too. Additionally, virtual numbers allows you to create a series of phone numbers which are easily recognizable. If a number gives customer the impression of the business, they will easily remember your company, leading to increased sales and future growth.


Author: Michelle is a freelance writer who has been writing on various topics. She also writes for Universal Com One Blog so that everyone can take advantage of the improvements in telecom technology.

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