4 simple ways of obtaining customer feedback


Taking enough time to learn about how your customers are thinking is critical. You need to provide a proper platform for your customers to post reviews or feedbacks concerning your business, products or services. There are several approaches that are now used to receive the customer’s communication concerning your products and services. These ways are as follows.


 Online Survey

Use of online tools such as InstantEvaluate provides faster means of obtaining the customer’s feedback. You are only required to have the customer’s email and then carry out a quick survey to help you make the necessary adjustment to your business.

Online Customer Community

Creating a customer community page or platform on your company website, Facebook, Twitter, via mobile devices and other widgets that are easily embedded anywhere, connects you with your customers. The customers are able to provide their feedback at such Platforms.


Hosted feedback forums

Your customers are given opportunity to vote on given ideas using tools like UserVoice as a hosted feedback forum. Upon acting on the voted ideas, you are able to communicate with the users using the UserVoice.


Asking for Feedback on Twitter and Facebook

Fast opinions are available with the Facebook and Twitter users. Posting a question about new products, brand and new stores or new business will help you get the fast insights from your customers.


Learn more about customer feedback management systems on Wikipedia.

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