A Review SEO Tools Used for Site Optimization

http://todaymade.com/blog/google-adwords-seo/Undeniably, SEO is considered to be one of the most important aspects of web marketing. It also helps in the promotion of websites for indexing of search engines, especially the most popular ones: Google, Yahoo, ASK, and MSN. To do so, there are some SEO tools used to assist and lighten up your SEO load. Some of these tools you need are the ranking tool, link popularity checker, and the copyscape.

Keywords are essential in the search query so as to encourage a higher rank in the result of searches in every search engine. The key to rank highest amidst the competition among other websites is its ability to provide a better keyword which in turn increases its web traffic. The ranking tool helps you identify how your website ranks from the most popular search engines, and the results guide you on the optimization strategies that you should take for your keywords.

On the other hand, the link popularity checker gives you an idea on how many sites are linking to yours. If your site is doing great with regards to this aspect, then it means that your site is popular. The more popular your website becomes the greater chances it will have to be ranked higher on search engines. There are search engines that interpret links as votes to the site, so with the link popularity checker you are given an idea if your site would rank competitively amongst the many competitors.

Copyscape is the instrument used to determine if there are any other websites counterfeiting the contents of your own site. It’s a means to spot which of your other contending sites have plagiarized your site without any permission.  Internet plagiarism is very common nowadays, but you can hinder such duplication with this tool.

These three are just some of the many SEO tools experts use. However, such instruments would be useless if used alone. SEO is a process that employs these tools for analysis, but the main tasks of offpage and onpage optimization still needs to be done, and ethical SEO strategies should still be taken up if you are to fully optimize a site so that you can drive and increase your internet traffic and to gain ranks in search engines results.

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