Iastordatamgrsvc.exe using 30 to 50% of CPU?

system and securityRecently, many of you experienced a problem that the process called iastordatamgrsvc.exe is using 30 to 50% of the CPU capacity. This file is the application Intel (R) Rapid Storage Technology. It is installed within motherboard drivers and starts eating the  CPU power shortly after the start.


If you don’t use Raid technology on your hardisk, you can turn this service off. In Windows 7 follow these steps:

1) click Start menu

2) Find Control Panel

3) Click on System and Security

4) Click on Administration tools

5) Click on Services

6) Now, in the list of services find Intel (R) Rapid Storage Technology and right click. Select properties. You will see that it is set up to start Automtatically. Change this settings to Manual.

7) Stop the service.


Check your task manager, if the high demanding thread is away.


I hope this helps!

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